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Welcome to just2nerds, a community for fans of Lita and CM Punk, and a safe haven for shippers of the pairing. Due to it's nature and purpose, this community is members only so you will need to join to see most of the entries.

Community Rules

1) First and foremost, there is to be no bashing of Lita, CM Punk or the pairing. Honestly, we're all adults or at least capable of behaving like adults. What's the purpose of joining a fan community if you're just going to bash?

2) Please be respectful to your fellow members. Don't flame, don't nitpick, if you really have a problem with someone, settle it outside of this community. No drama llamas please.

3) Just as important as the above rule, respect the mods. We have the power to ban you and we will not hesitate to do so if we feel that is the necessary course of action.

4) If you are posting fic, please see this post (for members only) once you have joined.

5) If you are sharing icons/graphics, fake cuts are allowed. Please no more than four teasers or one banner outside of the cut.

6) If you are sharing embedded media, please put it underneath a cut. This is just as a courtesy.

Disclaimer: We are in no way, shape or form affiliated with CM Punk, Lita/Amy Dumas or the WWE. We're merely fans.
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